Wonderland: Overlord Overload

*This is a continuation to the series of stories from my story Wonderland that is in my head. Lol*

Plot-In the mix of the disappearing Overlord of The Dark Plains it threw the darkness-affiliated lands around the world out of whack. For years they said that the role of the overlord for The Dark Plains will always be him, but The Demon King Beelzebub stepped up and demanded that one be chosen and approached the Divine Kingdom. This was also around the time Neotopia demanded that The Dark Plains be revoked from Central power and they be put in place. And appearances of a ‘fake Overlord of The Dark Plains’ were going around. There was too much on the Central and in reaction to the negative tension on Wonderland Central the leaders scrambled together for the best course of action as The New Overlord Elections were going to be put into action and no one understood the order that was placed in Wonderland Central’s culture. Some leaders including Tanague and Francis knew that the Divine Kingdom would not favor them if the whole world wanted this to happen. They took it into their own hands. This takes place sometime after the World Tournament.

Summary- A huge meeting was called into place after the neighboring lands and overlords were setting their eyes on going to the Central after Demon Lord Beelzebub of Dragonland called upon a proposal that if The Dark Plains were not ganna elect a new overlord to lead that they were going to elect a new one and basically change the plains themselves with all new people in office. This was also backed up with Neotopia’s proposal to take The Dark Plains out of central command. Leaders like Francis and Elsa as well as The Kings, Claro and Destuir and Crystal and group. As they all baffled on what to do Tanague soon realized that it was going nowhere and he didn’t want the Central to go through something like that because it would affect everyone especially is The Dark Plains gets taken out for Neotopoia. Crystal tries to let them know that the culture of the plains won’t allow her to be the leader and she tells them she honestly doesn’t want to be the leader as she isn’t ready for a role like that which shocks everyone. She insists that they find the original Overlord cause he is not dead and if he was they would know and they would of gone about electing a new one in their own process, but cannot happen cause the original overlord isn’t dead.

Destuir attacks Crystal by saying that she can’t really trust her judgment because you had once sparked a civil war that made the central look bad and now they want the rest to just wait. She says that for all she knows your plan was to betray the rest of the land in their own selfish game and reflects on the fact that she betrayed her own family she would betray the land she doesn’t even care that much about. This shocks crystal and Tanague and infuriate Mal and she goes to physically attack her and Crear stops her. She boasts that Crystal betrayed no one and wouldn’t betray the land. She insists that Crystal did what she thought was best and if she didn’t’ want to be affiliated with the plains she wouldn’t. Crystal tells her that the only reason she ha so much power is because the overlord left. She served under him comfortably because it let her do what she wanted to do. She tells them that she insists they wait because she does not want to be the leader just yet.

As the meeting ends they prepare to go to the Divine Kingdom to bargain with them to not have this happen. At the same time news reports are talking about this overlord going around who looks like the original one and is going around sabotaging the other lands as well as going around making it known that they cannot upset the balance. Higher ups insists that it is a fake and others don’t and when the plains were question about it they said they knew nothing of it and if it is him he hopes he comes back to the plains.

Xemnas starts his movement and interest in this and heads to Kulan to do a public speech and threatens to elect himself to be the new overlord of the plains and makes his way to the central to impose his power on them and insists that this is a game to him and its obvious that no one alive has as much power as him and insists that the past overlord is dead and jokes that maybe he killed him. Angered by what he is saying Seymore and Mal attack him. This also brings out the overlord claiming to be the Dark Plain overlord. Crystal arrives to see the overlord attacking Kulan much to everyone shock. He claims that she agrees with Xemnas’ theory of using his influence to show why he is ultimate but claims that he is a nobody and even though he is made of darkness by definition he will always just be a nobody, and she is insulted that there are some who are against the overlord. Xemnas questions Crystal why she is allied with that fake, obviously not convinced it’s him, and crystal does not answer. Xemnas proclaims that even he doesn’t get her plan and only asks if you believe it’s him. Crystal says that she doesn’t care if it’s him or not her motives are a tad different than others. This leaves Francis in a shock because he knows for a fact she thinks it isn’t him. Xemnas then leaves telling them that he is afraid to tell them that Beelzebub does not like his existence and teamed up with Neotopia to invade the dark plains if the real overlord doesn’t show up. Xemnas says that if he invades he will attack them. If the central tried to stop him he will attack them as well.

The Divine Kingdom made the decision to go about the election as they think it is the fairest thing. But they did not take up Neotopia’s notion to take out the plains completely from central command, much to their anger. They later then said that if it won’t be that way, which is the best way cause the Dark Plains has been in shambles since the overlord went away, then they will watch it burn to the ground as Beelzebub and Xemnas head there to battle for the crown.

Out of nowhere a second overlord appears and the clash. As the guardians of Kulan arrive they are left in shock to see two. They try to intervene but they are of no use to stop the cause. Crystal also is in shock and asks herself why is there two. Tanashee attacks Crystal from behind and asks her why she is attacking Kulan. Crystal tried to make her understand she isn’t the one behind this at all and she doesn’t know anything and to stay out of this. As they all fight Xemnas disappears, saying he is ganna head to The Dark Plains. As he leaves one of the overlords follows him through a portal.

Nothing makes sense to the Kulan people and Tanashee and group. The other overlord escapes by foot and Crystal follows. Tanashee chases her down cause what she is doing make no sense and after attacking Kulan she tried to take her down. Crystal insists that this isn’t a battle she should want to be in and tells her that if she doesn’t go back home this will only get worse. She and friends chases them down as Mal and they battle back. Ja-Noah clashes with the overlord and says that he feels oddly uneasy standing in front of him. Not because of the power but the lack of power as his mother often told he of the presence of the overlord and this one doesn’t have it. He knocks the overlord’s helm off to reveal Tanague. This shocks Tanashee and friends to see Crystal and Tanague together. He insists that he apologizes for attacking and didn’t want to hurt any of them. Tanashee wants an explanation and Crystal says that she didn’t want her to get involved and if she doesn’t leave now than they are going to have to take them to the dark plains and get them involved.

As they get into Dark Plain territory Tanague explains that none of the leaders really knew what to do about the crisis. And after conversing with the other kings and crystal they came up with the idea to have a imposter overlord go around and make an appearance around the worlds putting that fear that he had in people’s hearts again in hopes to have people back down, and having someone pose as him it would put a bandage over the problem as they search for the actual one. But the plans backfired in a sense because someone else apparently had the same plan and started going around attacking and destroying things. Tanague took the role because no one else wanted to do it. Tanashee asks if Francis knew of this and he said yes. But there were no plans to go to Kulan and once he connected the dots that he wasn’t the only one going around doing this he set to Kulan, hoping that they would meet because most travel to the central goes about in outer Kulan territory. And once Xemnas came into the land he decided to follow from the sidelines. Tanague lets them know that this plan was done under the nose of the Divine Kingdom cause he knew that they wouldn’t ad heed to all their demands. And choosing this course of action would throw them off. In the cut someone asks who is pretending to be him and out of nowhere comes Mother Mother and Father Father. They said that after the shocked arrival of the overlord they decided to follow the group after they sensed Tanague. Tanague says that Terpsichore (Sister-In-Law) is doing that with illusion arts and the other kings are helping keep the act as I do the dirty work. Mother comments that it is ironic that he would take up the role giving his past luck with the darkness. Tanague personally viewed it as a learning experience. He asks them where Tamashee and Tawashee are and Mother says that he brought them along, along with some others.

As Tanague and crew go into the borough they see Elsa, the Colores, as well as Medusa and her friends Saya, Riemsianna and Aya-me. Tanaguee questions why they are all there, and Crystal asks how they came into the lands so easy. Elsa tells her that long before she was born they used to come here for fun and tells her that to the leaders coming to the plains is nothing. And tells her that considering how she the dark plains lets her get around you should think it could be a tad easier for them. Destuir tells Tanague that she had wished he had let the rest of them in on the plan as they would have helped. Tanague said that the less people who knew the better. Tanashee retaliates that he had told Francis. Tanague replies back saying that he actually lied and said that although the leaders knew that none of the overlords were the real one they did not know of Crystal and Tanague’s plan, but he asks how Mother and them knew. Father says that you can owe that to Kanmarira(Terpsichore’s guardian). He had told them that Terpsichore is taking this role and the rest was just guess work. They proclaim that if they were going to keep it a secret they should of not had the guardian protecting her be a blabbermouth. Tanague laughs and says he ganna have to thank him for making this more interesting. He then asks the rest of them why they wanted to stick their necks in. They all basically say that they feel like they aren’t doing much if he is doing all the dirty work and decided to help as they knew that if they didn’t he would of done something too big and went down for the sake of everyone and they didn’t want to stand by while that happened.

Crystal finally understands the words she said earlier on, as she only said them in defense of the plains but did not know why she had to say them. She sees that the leaders of the lands not only are stronger than her but are also friends. Mal said that she wasn’t aware over their close knit relationship giving the Kingdom’s isolative tendencies. Destuir tells her that her mindset is to be expected when you don’t understand the role you are trying to be a part of and insists that although none of them personally knew the overlord she knows that she cannot sit with them on top of the central in her current state. Crystal gets slightly angered at her and Mal lashes out on her asking why she hates her so much. She says that she doesn’t hate the children of Tanague and friends, but she thinks she is naïve and it’s sickening to watch. Tanague says that this is not the place for this. Now that everything has changed and there plan is not useless they no set the action at demon king Beelzebub and Xemnas once again as they are heading to the plains to take it over and Neotopia wants this place to burn to the ground so they can mow it over with their image. Because of Central Wonderland law if one of the lands are being threatened on a great scale the other lands must help. But because of the affairs the overlord was doing this put that notion on hold as the dark plains looked as if they were starting a war. And considering that they were red flagged after the citizens invaded Elemente after the overlord disappeared and they decided to do what they want it was put in a unique bind where no one could really help them and the selfish minds of some of the countries didn’t want to. Tanague and friends personally knew back in the day the Dark Plains had a positive rep that even though they were darkness they were respected. Now they aren’t. This was his attempt to protect that image after so many years. So they did what they knew what was best. All the characters went undercover and changed their appearances so they could fight back without being affiliated with their titles. The only ones from the dark plains who didn’t change their appearance where Medusa and friends as they cared not if they were affiliated with this attack.

They decided to rush out to the cities and waited for them to come. Xemnas comes into the land by himself and some heartless and stands at the mountains outside Dark Plain central. He said that through the lands selfish minds he will take this land and craft it to his own image. As he arrived Beelzebub arrives and proclaims that he will be unable to do that as he will take the place. He asks why he would want it since he is already the demon lord but one of the powerfulness beings in the underworld along with him. He laughs and asks him the same thing. Xemnas proclaims that his ideals don’t line up with his team up with Neotopia and says it’s very reductive of is alignment with them after he did it. He asks why he didn’t just take them over. He says if anyone would understand he would know why not only taking over the plains is way more better and not only that he never intended to follow their idea of remolding the plains. Before he had come here he had told them that and told them to keep their vengeance to themselves as he does not care. You cannot vex he order of light and darkness and you cannot take out darkness from the central. He felt that if anyone would well enough to take the title of being a beacon to the darkness on the surface it should be him. Xemnas asks if he had a change of heart. He replies back asking the same thing. Xemnas laughs and he looks up to see his fleet from Dragonland come in. Beelzebub proclaims that although they both are overlords Xemnas has neither fleet nor land. He has all of Dragonland at his disposal already. Xemnas says that unlike him he has control of the darkness incarnate as well as the energy of the darkness in all people’s hearts. He can create a fleet out of thin air. As he summons heartless he then does the same thing and summons nightmares. As they fight the other in the city see the clash from far away and they sense that there has been a change in plan again as they are battling themselves for that title. Tanague says that if word got out that this is soon to be a real battlefield for that title other lords will come to fight. As they rush out to fight they are stopped by the Dragonland fleet. They fight a giant battle in the city and some escape to enter the fight between to overlords. As Tanague and friends enter they insist that they leave this fight to them. Xemnas understand that Tanague doesn’t understand the darkness (threw Medusa’s telling) and says that unlike him he knows the strife along with the overlord and only other overlords understand the strife of the darkness. He says that it could have been certain that he collapsed under the pressure of his own darkness. He feels the despair in his eyes even though they were so pure to look at. Tanague was shocked to hear him say that as he felt the same, his eyes. Tanague says he still can’t have you do this to the land in this manner. As the battle intensifies as Beelzebub was ganna strike a finishing blow on Elsa out of nowhere Miss Noette grabs his blade. Some of the people bow to her as Elsa expressed her gratitude. Noette says that she had been personally following this overlord stuff in her own effort to see if a continuation of the plains success could be reached. Normally the kingdom doesn’t get involved unless it is something that affects the worldwide order but in the kingdom’s eyes this could have been a good change and she saw it as a personal one. She tells them that there shall be no more bloodshed over this. And she goes back to the Kingdom after telling them she will solve this.

Unsure of what she meant Beelzebub took this as a omen telling him that he shouldn’t seek this role and should stay where he is for now. Xemnas is saddened as he personally wanted the change to happen. He return to where he came from following Noette’s wishes and the rest of the crew return as well awaiting whatever Noette was doing.

Later of Noette announces that the Dark Plains will remain as it is for the time being, and in token to ensure everyone this is a fare choice she tells them that the plains had always naturally found a leader that had transcended threw time they shall do it again soon to come. This announcement leaves some unsure and some angered. But she had hopes that the new overlord will come naturally and so the world is told to wait. And so they shall.